WTR - Weather Pro

WTR - Weather Pro

By Felgo

WTR - Weather ProWTR - Weather ProWTR - Weather Pro

Most accurate, hourly weather forecasts historic knowledge for the last 60 years: WTR Weather Pro is your new partner on to go! Plan your day (do you need an umbrella or not?) and discover out what's one of the best time to go on vacation!

Choose from numerous climate data suppliers, certainly one of them being Dark Sky, probably the most accurate source of hyper native climate data.

WTR - Weather Pro Features:


* Real-time climate knowledge hourly forecasts

* 5 7 day forecasts around the globe, incl . overviews of all of your favorite locations

* Daily hourly rain amount, rain probability and what time of the day it'll rain: at what time you want an umbrella

* Sunshine hours can tell you when outdoor actions make one of the best sense for you


* Weather forecast from all favourite cities and places in a single screen! No clicking through a quantity of screens and charts to get the most relevant info

* 5 7 day forecasts for all of your favorite places on a single page

* Clean interface with the most important data at a glance


* What’s one of the best time to go on a metropolis trip or on vacation? Find out what the weather was like up to now at your location, e.g. how was the weather in Paris in July 2018, 2017, 2016? How a lot does it rain in Bali in September and shall I go there for a holiday?

* Which place is the best to go to a particular month of the year? E.g. what was the climate snow like in a skiing region the previous few years? What is the most effective time to go to Aspen for skiing?

* Check the weather timeline on your birthday!

* See how the weather changed in the past years in your town!

* Was it actually cooler in the 70s? What concerning the summer of ‘69?

* Weather calendar / almanac function with historic information for a complete 60 years time frame

If you need a clear interface with crucial infos at a look and historical past climate data, that is one of the best climate forecast app for you.

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