Rain cloud radar

Rain cloud radar

By Aine LLC.

Rain cloud radarRain cloud radarRain cloud radarRain cloud radarRain cloud radar

Since it is an application devoted to rain cloud radar, you can examine the rain cloud radar simply by starting it.

How is the climate today?

I'm nervous if it'll rain in the night

You can dry your laundry exterior. Is it?

Do you need an umbrella before going out?

Please use it to make a decision.

We bought the paid information announced by the Japan Meteorological Agency, and

superimposed it on an easy-to-read map in radar format.

Displays fine rain clouds at 1km intervals.

Information is up to date approximately every 10 minutes.

Only the minimum number of ads are displayed, so you should use it at no cost with confidence.

Time Button

At the bottom of the screen, you will see a button with the time drawn.

When you press each button, the forecasts slightly before and after 1 to 6 hours might be displayed in radar format.

Play / Stop Button

Press the Play Button at the backside right to periodically show the next time.

The Stop Button is displayed during playback, and you'll cease it by pressing it.

Current location button

You can transfer to your present location by pressing the Current location button at the backside left.

Design Button

Press the Design Button on the higher left to change the design.

You can choose your favourite design from 5 types.

Reload button

Click the Reload button on the upper proper to replace the knowledge.


It is ready in order that a wide space cannot be displayed.

Please use it as a peripheral rain cloud radar.

Reports / Opinions / Requests for Bugs

・ Is this a bug?

・ This function is difficult to make use of

・ I wish I had such a operate

, and so on. Feel free to contact the support desk aineapp.info radar Please contact us at @ gmail.com.

We will verify and reply as quickly as possible.

Any small thing is welcome.

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