Barometer Reborn 2022

Barometer Reborn 2022

By Tomas Hubalek

Barometer Reborn 2022Barometer Reborn 2022Barometer Reborn 2022Barometer Reborn 2022Barometer Reborn 2022

Simple barometer and atmospheric stress tracker.

Monitoring of atmospheric stress can improve your life

- individuals struggling of migraine or headache can monitor how barometric strain impacts on their general mood

- barometric strain is necessary for fishermen - you can modify your fishing method in accordance air pressure pattern to get best results

- change of atmospheric stress sometimes signifies weather change


- nice and trendy material design

- exhibits present atmospheric strain according info supplied by your telephone sensors

- supports a number of models: millibars, hectopascals, inches of mercury, torrs and millimeters of mercury (more items to follow)

- supports imply sea degree air strain (to be comparable with other barometric stations or weather forecast servers)

- tracks historical past up to one week

- simple widget in your house screen

Optional paid options:

- My Places functionality - barometric data can be separated into a quantity of charts according place the place they had been recorded. It prevents from showing data outliers if touring.

- Fine grained configuration - you'll be able to nice tune appear and feel of the app

- Weather adjustments alerts - you could be notified if necessary atmospheric pressure change occurs. You may be warned when storm or gale is coming. Or be warned that your migraine or other health issues might get worse.

Using this app is less complicated than utilizing aneroid or mercury barometer as it tracks historical past and may be calibrated to mean sea level air (MSLP).

Please notice that some phones do not have barometer sensor so they aren't appropriate with this app.

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