US Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History Quiz

US Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History Quiz

By Andrey Solovyev

US Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History QuizUS Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History QuizUS Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History QuizUS Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History QuizUS Presidents and Vice-Presidents - History Quiz

All forty five US Presidents in one app including current president Joe Biden (Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.) who is serving because the 46th President (Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms as the 22nd and twenty fourth President).

Can you guess Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln? Do you realize Andrew Jackson and Ulysses S. Grant? How did James Madison look like?

In model 2.1, portraits of all forty nine Vice Presidents of the United States have been added. They embrace such well-known politicians as Aaron Burr (the vice-president through the first term of Thomas Jefferson), Al Gore (Bill Clinton’s vice-president), and incumbent forty ninth Vice President Kamala Harris. The transient data for each Vice President covers his term in office, political party affiliation (Democrat, Republican, or Whig), and beneath which US President he served.

For example, John Adams was the 1st Vice President (under George Washington) and then the 2nd US President. So his portrait is in each levels. Overall, 14 Vice Presidents subsequently grew to become US Presidents either by profitable the presidential elections or after the dying or resignation of the earlier president. Thus, John Tyler ascended to the presidency in 1841 after the death of William Henry Harrison, and Gerald Ford became the POTUS following the resignation of Richard Nixon. Try to find out all other examples!

Choose the sport mode:

* Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).

* Multiple-choice questions (with 4 or 6 reply options).

* Time game (give as many answers as you can in 1 minute).

Two studying instruments:

* Flashcards, where you presumably can browse all persons within the app with out guessing.

* Chronological tables of presidents and vice-presidents.

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I strongly advocate this app to everybody interested in American History and Politics. You will learn all US Presidents together with less-known heads of the White House such as James Monroe and James K. Polk.

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