IQ Test - The Intelligence Quiz

IQ Test - The Intelligence Quiz

By Paul Stelzer

IQ Test - The Intelligence QuizIQ Test - The Intelligence QuizIQ Test - The Intelligence QuizIQ Test - The Intelligence QuizIQ Test - The Intelligence Quiz

- IQ Test utterly in English and free to play (we have more languages integrated like German and Portuguese)

- WIth Multiplayer Party Mode and quiz elements

- Scientifically developed by students of the University of Rostock (Germany)

- With excercise mode: Play all quiz duties with solutions and explanations again

- Compare your result with friends

- Many more nice functions for the IQ Test are still planned


Why do you have got to take part of this IQ Test?


Influenced by WAIS-IV (Wechsler Intelligence Test for Adults) and research by college students of the University of Rostock, the IQ Test includes the following duties:

- Perceptive reasoning

- Processing speed

- working memory

- speech understanding

- Number understanding

These categories are queried in the IQ Test in various categories, including sample teams, cube take a look at, bear in mind footage, number series, matrix check, estimate, order numbers and more!

Start your IQ Test now and compare with your friends! The first quiz has round one hundred tasks, so take a while and start your IQ Test today! The take a look at is free, however you could get additional features with our statistics or explanations package deal.


What is an IQ Test?


An IQ take a look at is used to indicate how clever you might be in relation to other people. But what's intelligence? This is not a defined term and so intelligence is just what an IQ check measures. Therefore, totally different IQ tests can't be compared, simply the same take a look at, and it simply tells you when you have solved the tasks better (over IQ 100) or worse (under IQ 100) than the common. So do not take the IQ that critically, simply check how you cut off in comparability with others!

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