CITIZEN Calculator Pro

CITIZEN Calculator Pro

By Everyday Calculation Apps

CITIZEN Calculator ProCITIZEN Calculator ProCITIZEN Calculator Pro

** This is a paid version of the favored citizen calculator app on play store. **

This app is a totally working emulator of citizen calculator model CT-555N/ CT-555W. The verify and correct characteristic is useful for verifying lengthy calculations without reentering the values and is good for common and business functions.

Citizen Calculator Features:-

* Basic math operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)

* Check and correct

* Auto replay

* Percent calculation

* Tax calculation

* Memory calculation

* Price mark-up mark-down calculation

* Constants calculation

* Number formatting (Decimal and digit-grouping) as per device locale

* Grand total (GT)

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This app is a fully working emulator of citizen calculator model CT-555N/ CT-555W. The check and correct function is helpful for verifying long calculations with out reentering the values. This calculator is ideal for basic and enterprise functions.Citizen Calculator Features:-*...


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