AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)

AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)

By Cuberob

AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)AutoHue (Tasker Plug-in)

✭Requires Tasker or Locale to function✭

Please observe: While this app nonetheless works together with your Philips Hue bridge, and should maintain doing so for the foreseeable future, it's not up to date and maintained. Thanks for all the assist over the years!

Ever wanted to regulate your Philips Hue Lights with out reaching for a remote? Have the lights activate automatically as soon as you enter your home? Or have the lights blink if you receive a model new notification?

Well now you can do all of this with and far more with AutoHue!

AutoHue let’s you program your Hue LIFX Light Bulbs to react to anything that Tasker supports!

Autohue supports many actions, including:




Alerts (blink)

Color Loop

Custom JSON

Note for Hue users: for Hue lights the app only works on your local (WIFI) community, this is presently the case because of a restriction in the Hue API.

In addition to sending instructions you can also retrieve the state of the light bulbs or hue bridge. Use this to create even more powerful actions!

Next to Hue and LIFX this plugin should assist any light bulb that's linked to a Philips Hue bridge (e.g. Osram Ikea Trådfri). Feel free to contact me should you run into points with these bulbs, as they are presently not formally supported.

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