Sensor Test

Sensor Test

By Andrey Efremov

Sensor TestSensor TestSensor TestSensor TestSensor Test

Your can check sensors in your smartphone.

Supported sensors:

- Accelerometer

- Light sensor

- Proximity sensor

- Magnetometer

- Gyroscope

- Barometer (pressure sensor)

- Compass

If sensor registered in system, will probably be have inexperienced indicator, otherwise it is going to be red.

If sensor do not report any data, it will be with label no information on sensor test display. Than most conditions it means that gadgets does not have it type of sensor, for different case it not working.

If all sensors do not report any data, it usually mean drawback with communication sensors via sensor service. In most circumstances it happen after firmware replace. Sensors would not work in all apps.

Showed total out there sensors count. When press to it opened listing of the sensors. You can check all of them with graph view.

Also helpful for builders, who build customized kernels.




- measures acceleration alongside three axes x, y, z; units measurement: m/s^2

When oriented along the axis, the conventional value is equal to the gravitational acceleration (g = ~ 9.8 m/s^2).

With the horizontal position of the system, the values along the axes: z = ~ 9.8 m/s^2, x = 0, y = 0).


Used to routinely change the orientation of the display screen if you rotate the system, in games, etc.

Description of check:

Test football. When the device is tilted, the ball should move in the path of inclination. Try to attain the ball into the goal.


Light sensor

- measures illumination; items measurements: lux.


Used to routinely regulate the brightness (auto brightness)

Description of take a look at:

Test with lamp. When increasing the illumination, the glow around the lamp changes from white to shiny yellow.

Move gadget to the sunshine or, quite the opposite, go right into a dark room.

Approximate typical values: room - one hundred fifty lux, workplace - 300 lux, sunny day - 10,000 lux and above.


Proximity sensor

- measures the distance between the system and the thing; items measurement: cm.

On many gadgets, obtainable only two values can be found: “far” and “close”.


Used to show off the screen if you call by cellphone.

Description of test:

Test with lamp. Close the sensor by hand, the light goes out, open - mild up.



- measures the magnetic area readings in three axes. The ensuing worth is calculated based mostly on them; models measure: mT


For packages like compass.

Description of take a look at:

Scale with degree, which showing the present value. Move device near a metallic object, the value should enhance.



- measures the speed of rotation of the gadget across the three axes x, y, z; items measurement: rad/s


Used in varied multimedia packages. For example, in a digital camera app to create panoramas.

Description of test:

Shows a graph of the pace of rotation along the x, y, z axes. When stationary, values are inclined to 0.


Barometer (pressure sensor)

- measures atmospheric strain; models measuring: mbar or mm Hg. (switch in settings)

Description of check:

Scale with level, which displaying the current worth of stress.

Normal atmospheric pressure:

100 kPa = a thousand mbar = ~ 750 mm Hg.

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