Openticator (Authenticator)

Openticator (Authenticator)

By Arturo Gutierrez

Openticator (Authenticator)Openticator (Authenticator)Openticator (Authenticator)

Openticator generates 2-step verification codes to protect your accounts with your password and your system.

Why Openticator is the most effective multi-factor authentication app:

• Offline: Tired of waiting for an SMS to arrive? Openticator generates safe tokens with out connectivity so you'll find a way to authenticate securely even when in airplane mode.

• Secure: All knowledge is encrypted utilizing 256-bit AES encryption.

• All of your accounts: Supports most major multifactor authentication accounts as GitHub, Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon, Google, and so on.

• Organization: Group your accounts with many classes as you want.

• Customization: You can choose or change account logos anytime.

• Open Source: It is open-source, you can download and examine the code on GitHub!

Coming features:

• Multi-device synchronization.

• PIN screen to add even more safety.

• Fingerprint authentication.

• Wear support

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