My Passwords

My Passwords

By Dimitar K. Simeonov

My PasswordsMy PasswordsMy PasswordsMy PasswordsMy Passwords

Keep your passwords safe!

MyPasswords retailer all of your passwords in a single place. Everything is saved encrypted with AES-256 and you'll protect utility with password. The interface is so simple as potential.

The app doesn't have Internet permission, and all of your passwords are only on your gadget.

With MyPasswords you can change your passwords as usually as you want and you do not have to recollect them. There is an choice to repeat password to clipboard and use it from your android device, also you've an option to generate a random passwords.

You can export all of your passwords in encrypted file and import from that file on another device the place you've MyPasswords installed, or you ought to use this file as a backup.

• All knowledge is saved encrypted (AES-256)

• Can generate random passwords

• Can be password protected (now also makes use of fingerprint authentication)

• Simple interface

• Export to encrypted file for backup

• No Ads


This app does not have Internet permissions, so it is not going to sync between your devices!

Do not delete it before you export and copy a file along with your passwords, or you will lose them!

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