MLUSB Mounter NTFS Write

MLUSB Mounter NTFS Write

By メディアロジック (Media Logic, corp.)

This utility is NTFS write plug-in for MLUSB Mounter.

The plugin uses open source NTFS-3G.

By purchasing in-app billing MLUSB NTFS Write with MLUSB Mounter and installing this plug-in, Writeable to NTFS volume of MLFS mounted USB storage.

After adding the NTFS writing function to MLUSB Mounter, installation of this plug-in is not needed.

After uninstalling MLUSB Mounter or clearing data of MLUSB Mounter by Settings, set up of this plug-in wants as quickly as once more.

MLUSB mounter Ver.1.fifty one / NTFS writing plug-in Ver.1.10 supported 64bit of NTFS writing function.

If you used the NTFS writing function with MLUSB Mounter Ver.1.50 or older, it is working at 32bit.

To change to 64bit, execute the following procedure.

1. Updated to MLUSB Mounter Ver.1.51(or later) / NTFS Write Plugin Ver.1.10(or later)

2. Clear NTFS writing plug-in data of MLUSB mounter (*)

3. Restart MLUSB mounter

* Plug-in information may be cleared by choosing Settings-NTFS write plugin information.

The model of NTFS-3G which was a base of this plug-in is ntfs-3g_ntfsprogs-2017.3.23.

If you'd prefer to request the disclosure of this plug-in's supply code, please e-mail to the below handle.

Address: [email protected]

Subject: Disclosure request of supply code of NTFS Write Plugin