Counter App - Counting Application

Counter App - Counting Application

By KayelDev

Counter App - Counting ApplicationCounter App - Counting ApplicationCounter App - Counting Application

Counter Pro is the perfect application that lets you track items, accomplished duties, habits, books, savegames, events, event attendees...

• You can configure many options and control how counting is performed. Increase and reduce by 1, 10, one hundred...or any quantity.

• Add buttons to a counter so you probably can improve or decrease it by completely different numbers at the similar time.

• Use tags to type, group and arrange your counters.


✔️ Add counters to infinity

✔️ Customize every counter by name, color, seed worth, reset worth, actions and extra.

✔️ Sort counters by tags

✔️ You can switch from record view to grid view for a greater overview

✔️ Dark mode - perfectly designed to protect the eyes

✔️ History and statistics of every counter

✔️ Full screen

✔️ Personalize each counter.

✔️ All colors available.

✔️ Quick add.

✔️ Sound effect for clicks.

✔️ Multiple sound results.

✔️ Negative value is supported.

✔️ Support for more actions - you'll find a way to add a quantity of buttons for one counter.

✔️ Custom colours.

✔️ Built-in Voice for counting.

✔️ Vocal tts supported.

✔️ Option to keep screen on whereas counting.

A free app to count no matter you need.

Try it now!

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