Fractions Calculator Pro

Fractions Calculator Pro

By Philip Stephens

Fractions Calculator ProFractions Calculator ProFractions Calculator ProFractions Calculator ProFractions Calculator Pro

This is the ad-free version of my Fractions Calculator.

* Please bear in mind that this calculator makes use of the correct order of operations, so multiplication and division take precedence over addition and subtraction.

5 3 × 5 → 5 15 = 20

• Easy to use interface permits the calculation of fractions and decimals.

• The text-book type display allows you to enter calculations as they'd be written.

• Calculate sq. roots, powers and percentages.

• Conversion between decimal and surd solutions.

• Previous 10 calculations saved and re-editable.

• The calculator's colours are customizable.

• User definable decimal marker (point or comma).

• Optional hundreds separator. Choose between area or comma/point(depends on decimal marker).

• Choose the precedence (order of operations) for implied multiplication:

2÷5π → 2÷(5×π)

2÷5π → 2÷5×π

• Variable precision up to 15 significant figures.

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