Connector --- Motor That Talks Back

Connector --- Motor That Talks Back

By Shade Connector

Connector --- Motor That Talks BackConnector --- Motor That Talks BackConnector --- Motor That Talks Back

'Connector' app let you management your motorized window coverings extra freely on smartphone. Please configure your 'Connector' APP account, Bridge and motorized window coverings on 'Connector' APP before use.

With 'Connector' App, you'll be able to:

- Control up to 30 motorized window coverings

- Control as much as 20 rooms

- Control up to 20 scenes

- Control up to 20 timers

After linking up your 'Connector' APP account with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, you'll have the ability to immediately open, shut or share control by voice instructions on all the motorized window coverings similar to roller blinds, draperies, venetians..and so forth. You can activate independent shades or the scenes created within the 'Connector' App which has been synchronized with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant flexibly and conveniently to succeed in daylight control and room administration.

'Connector Bridge' is a WiFi to RF bi-directional controller with built-in RS485 interface. It builds a connection via consumer's WiFi router at house and allow person to regulate motorized window masking and sunshading merchandise with designated smartphone purposes and interaction with ecosystem similar to Alexa Echo, Google Assistant via cloud API. The RS485 interface presents additional integration choice into a 3rd get together home automation systems.