Calculator for oil enhanced

Calculator for oil enhanced

By MooringMarineConsultancy

Calculator for oil enhancedCalculator for oil enhancedCalculator for oil enhancedCalculator for oil enhancedCalculator for oil enhancedCalculator for oil enhancedCalculator for oil enhanced

The perfect companion for professionals within the oil trade, bunker and cargo surveyors!

This is the newly up to date free app offered by MMC (Mooring Marine Consultancy) particularly designed for marine cargo surveyors and deck officers on oiltankers to help with cargo calculations.

If you would like the complete model, which contains both 1980 and 2004 ASTM tables, in addition to LPG/NGL calculations and far more, please check out Oil Calculator Pro by MooringMarineConsultancy instead! Please see the hyperlink here:

Calculator for oil enhanced replaces the old Calculator for Oil app which may now not be updated. The new app does NOT comprise any ads or different 'noise', and it's TOTALLY FREE identical to the old one.


On request the following options have been added:

- Table 53 (A, B, D) for converting noticed density to density at 15 deg C.

- Background and textual content colours are now customisable, in the settings display.

All tables precisely match ASTM 1980 desk values

- Calculate using both desk 6A/6B/6D or 54A/54B/54D

- Calculate Metric Tons in Air using Table fifty six or using (density in vacuo - eleven points)

- Conversion of API and density utilizing desk 3 as an alternative of formulas


The app makes use of the ASTM tables (1980) and formulation to calculate weights and volumes based on entered [email protected] or API, observed volume and temperature, and calculates the next:

- Volume correction issue (to variety of decimals of your individual choice)

- Metric tons (vacuum)

- Metric tons (air)

- GSV (M3 @15)

- BBLS (@60)

- Longtons

- Gallons

Furthermore, the app can convert API to density @15 and vice versa.

Precision for VCF, GSV, MTons, LTons and Bbls could be changed using a settings screen. Settings are saved within the app so that whenever you use the app subsequent time it's going to calculate along with your chosen settings.

The app can calculate for crude oil, black and white merchandise and lubrication oils, and input can be changed between density in vacuum / API, M3 and Barrels, and degrees Celsius / Fahrenheit.

Now also with settings to modify between calculation using ASTM Table 6A / 6B /6D (especially for US) and ASTM Table 54A / 54B, and an option to calculate Metric Tons in air utilizing both Table fifty six or (dens in vacuo - 11 points).

If you like the app, please rate, and submit any request for changes/improvements using the comments section in Google Play.

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