Pipe Headloss Calculator Plus

Pipe Headloss Calculator Plus

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Pipe Headloss Calculator PlusPipe Headloss Calculator Plus

Pipe Headloss Calculator Plus app can be used for estimating frictional head loss in pipes. This app model compared to the free contains fittings and valves calculation and selection of the pipe material.

The complete strain loss within the system results from the mixed losses as a end result of friction in size of pipe and friction losses due to valves, fittings, and other components. The first are major losses associated with energy loss per length of pipe, and seconds are minor losses associated with bends, fittings, valves, and so forth.

The components that decide friction losses in pipe are:

The velocity of the water: As velocity will increase, strain losses improve. Velocity is instantly related to move price.

The dimension (inside diameter) of the pipe: Smaller pipe causes a larger proportion of the water to keep up a correspondence with the pipe, which creates friction. Pipe size also affects velocity. Given a continuing move price, lowering pipe size will increase the water’s velocity, which increases friction.

The roughness of the within of the pipe: Pipe inside wall roughness is rated by a C issue, which can be chosen depending on materials of pipe. The lower the C worth, the rougher the inside and the more strain loss due to friction.

The length of the pipe: The friction losses are cumulative as the water travels by way of the length of pipe. The larger the gap, the larger the friction losses will be.

The friction losses for, elbows, and tees may additionally be selected. The friction losses in fittings corresponding to couplings, elbows, tees, valves and other components play a job. Friction loss from these elements must be taken into consideration when calculating friction losses for every part of pipe.

Calculation of friction issue relies on the Hazen-Williams equation. Local resistances factor K for valves and a few fittings (tees, elbows, pipes contraction and enlargement), could be found in app itself.


Calculate stress losses in a pumping of 10 l / s. The diameter of the suction and discharge is a hundred mm or 4 . We have the next gadgets on the Suction: 1 foot valve, 1 gate valve , 1 elbow 90, 1 contraction to three to getting into the pump. In the discharge we've: 1 expansion, 2 elbow ninety,

a check valve, 1 gate valve. The total pipe length is 10 meters in diameter of a hundred mm. Must be calculated the pressure losses for the given flow.

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