Marki: timestamp GPS camera

Marki: timestamp GPS camera

By Team Marki

Marki: timestamp GPS cameraMarki: timestamp GPS cameraMarki: timestamp GPS cameraMarki: timestamp GPS camera

Marki takes pictures with accurate “Time Location” watermarks automatically!

Multiple patterns of watermarks work for various moments of your day:

Auto GPS map stamp and Timestamp Camera with correct latitude and longitude!

Clock in out, Proof of work from home, Work-Report, Teamwork, Pictures to record life.

Never miss a moment with Marki!

Key Features:

- Watermark of time and placement. Variety of anti-tamper watermarks with time with timestamp and location with Geotag, overlaying majority of fieldwork duties, including safety, building, property, home services, gross sales, and even households ; Satisfy completely different needs of work; Lots of photograph stamps may be chose to go nicely with your wants.

- Secure cloud-based sync. Free but extremely trustful safety to retailer your data on our cloud-based system;

- Track attendance anytime, anyplace. No location restriction for attendance photos. Flexible fieldworkers can clock out and in wherever. Easy for work from home.

- Auto calculate working hours. Auto calculation on clock-in and clock-out time in attendance watermark with timestamp.

- Monitoring performance, one faucet away. Managers can immediately view working photos at each work location and knowledge stamp on the GPS-tracking map.

- Process optimization. Historical location records/Geotag Stamp enable managers to optimize working process.

- Accessible and interesting methods to share your work and life. Have enjoyable to share the watermark brand stamp photographs to you staff works, employers, workers, pals and households; Help individuals get closer

Applied Moments:

- Accurate proof of your work by good clock in and clock out: Everyday, safety guards can take photographs in Marki covered with automatic watermarks with instant time and place for attendance report.

- Accessible and Flexible Work Performance Monitor (Make certain everyone appears to be on his/ her spot5) : Senior Officers in development web site are able to check the work efficiency of every basic employee on Marki by looking at their watermark pictures with time and GPS location stamp.

- Upload your work performance to cloud anywhere, anytime: Cleaners have to take a lot of photographs however always run out of phone reminiscence storage. Since working with Marki and storing the work records on secure cloud-based system, cleaners stop worrying about my cellphone storage.

- Share your life with your folks and families: Record life second in a second and share with happiness and love.

With our anti-tamper timestamp and GPS location watermarks, you'll have the ability to know the time and location mechanically by photograph stamp digicam. Different watermarks can be selected and created by your self. Through Marki, you can easily entry the knowledge while work at home, take and track attendance by watermarks, and share your lives to your group employees, kids, and families.

Official Contact:

- Official Website:

- WhatsApp: 6584851410

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