E E Engineering. Free.

E E Engineering. Free.

By D.I.K.S Software

E E Engineering. Free.E E Engineering. Free.E E Engineering. Free.E E Engineering. Free.E E Engineering. Free.

A powerful utility which accommodates useful for radio Amateurs, electrical engineering and the individuals related professions performance. Will let you quickly carry out the required conversions and calculations with minimal downtime.

Perfect for college kids.

In this system:


✔ Resistor shade code calculator (value to paint and color to worth, 3-6 bands)

✔ Calculator for parallel resistors and resistor in series

✔ SMD resistor code calculator (Alpha-Numeric format, SMD 2, 3, 4 digit, EIA-96 and BS 1852)

✔ Calculator for resistive divider

✔ Led resistor calculator


✔ Calculator for parallel and sequence capacitors

✔ Capacitive divider

✔ Capacitor colour codes (Alpha-Numeric format)

✔ Capacitor reactance


✔ Calculator for run and begin motor capacitors (three-phase motor in single-phase)

✔ Calculation of the nominal motor current

✔ Active power consumed from network

✔ Nominal torque on the motor shaft calculator

Ohms regulation and so on.:

✔ Power calculation

✔ Voltage calculation

✔ Current calculation

✔ Power dissipated within the load (resistor)

✔ Frequency converter (frequency, interval, wavelength)

✔ RC filter (component value - frequency and frequency - element value)

✔ LC circuit (frequency, capacitance and inductance)


✔ USB port

✔ Parallel port

✔ Serial port (RS232)

✔ Ethernet (RJ45)


✔ Wire diameter ↔ Cross-sectional area converter

Unit converter:

✔ Pressure converter

✔ Mass converter

✔ Temperatures converter

✔ Energy and work

✔ Decibels at times

Integrated circuits: (Only in a Pro version)

✔ LM317 - voltage and current

✔ TL431 (two options)

✔ 555 (NE555 and clones) AStable, Monostable (frequency, interval, parts values)

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