OctoRemote for OctoPrint

OctoRemote for OctoPrint

By OctoRemote

OctoRemote for OctoPrintOctoRemote for OctoPrintOctoRemote for OctoPrintOctoRemote for OctoPrintOctoRemote for OctoPrint

OctoRemote is a local Android application designed to place an intuitive OctoPrint interface onto your phone or tablet. OctoRemote allows you to:

• Monitor and control multiple 3D printers through OctoPrint servers

• Upload and download files

• Monitor and control hotend, mattress and chamber temperatures

• View the webcam stream

• Control the print head and extruder

• Add customized controls with inputs and sliders

• View the trail of the present GCode file.

• Monitor and ship commands to the terminal

• Control the timelapse configuration and obtain rendered videos

• Slice STL files via OctoPrint's CuraEngine or Slic3r plugins

• Send system instructions to shut down or reboot your server

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