Entrust IG Mobile Smart Cred

Entrust IG Mobile Smart Cred

By Entrust

Entrust IG Mobile Smart CredEntrust IG Mobile Smart CredEntrust IG Mobile Smart Cred

Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Smart Credential is an innovative cellular application that transforms your cellular device right into a digital sensible card / digital identity. Upon successful user activation together with your credential issuer’s Entrust IdentityGuard server, the Mobile Smart Credential can be used in quite a lot of ways relying on the providers enabled by your credential issuer. For example, it may be used to:

authenticate to your pc and your company community

decrypt emails and files

authenticate and make sure just about any transaction initiated on a web software

digitally sign content material, types and transactions.

on platforms with NFC help, this application can be used as your virtual physical entry badge providing access into buildings and secured areas.

Mobile Smart Credential Benefits

The Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Smart Credential is much more secure, handy, simple to use, and provides support for numerous authentication, malware protection, info safety and digital signature needs. Leveraging the capabilities inside your cell phone, the cell smart credential addresses the shortfall of bodily good cards, hardware OTP’s and USB tokens with a very multi-purpose that is all the time in hand.

Innovative application that is a half of an enterprise authentication framework

The Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile Smart Credential supplies an progressive yet relevant authentication solution and is deployed on the IdentityGuard enterprise authentication platform. IdentityGuard’s complete capabilities are designed to satisfy authentication needs throughout your group including embedded assist for various user group needs, cloud safety, cellular safety, and adaptive authentication all on a platform with unmatched deployment flexibility and agility.

Derived Mobile Smart Credential

When this characteristic is configured, Entrust IdentityGuard users who have a physical sensible credential (plastic sensible card) or an Entrust profile (.EPF file) can use it to obtain a sensible credential encoded on a cellular device. Users acquire the convenience of a having a extremely secure credential on a tool they already carry with them without repeating enrolment or other processes already accomplished to obtain the unique sensible card or Entrust profile.

Activating your Mobile Smart Credential

Entrust Mobile Smart Credential can only be used along side credential issuing organizations which have created an Entrust IdentityGuard account for you. To use the application, you will need to activate the Mobile Smart Credential with your credential issuer. Once you have downloaded the appliance please consult the organization you whom you want to use the Mobile Smart Credential for activation directions.

Supported Platforms

The Entrust IdentityGuard Mobile utility is supported on Android OS 6.x or later.

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