Data traffic amount checker

Data traffic amount checker


Data traffic amount checkerData traffic amount checkerData traffic amount checker

Thank you for all your requests! We are releasing an app that measures information transmission!

Are you involved about your knowledge limit?

Problem solved! Data checker, part of Kanahei's popular app sequence, is being released!

The Android model of this in style iPhone app is finally being launched.

Thanks to all of you who requested this app.

I wish to enjoy movies and music right as much as the end of the month!

This is a fun and cute method to take care of your worries!

The meter telling you ways much information you used is...


The pancakes are eaten as the info is used.

It is so cute how Pisuke eats them up!

...But can Usagi eat them?!

Check it out now with the app

There is little doubt that you will also be mesmerized by these two cute characters.

About the App

- Allows you to verify your information usage every month.

- By preserving observe of your present information usage, you can plan out how you'll benefit from the web.

- You can gather illustrations.

- You can download wallpaper illustrations by Kanahei.

Only with this App! Special Features

- Have enjoyable measuring your information usage with the cute illustrations of Kanahei's cute characters Pisuke and Usagi.

- You can obtain the illustrations at no cost as wallpapers!

How about that...

Wallpaper Illustrations are Free //

These two characters are really cute when they make yummy pancakes.

You will want to brag about them to your friends.

Recommended for People Who...

- Like cute illustrations

- Often use video apps

- Like free music participant apps

- Often watch movies

- Use up their monthly knowledge allowance

- Often use apps

- Want to save data

- Want to know how much information they use each month

- Worry about their data bundle fee

Request for Cooperation

To report bugs, please go to Other, then Contact from throughout the app.

It may be tough to verify evaluations, so we ask in your cooperation in bettering the service.

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