CameraCheck (beta)

CameraCheck (beta)

By lighthouse

Privacy CameraCheck: A Free Camera Check Tool

!Works with units operating Android 4.4 and beneath, only!

Use it as a standalone app or as a plugin for PrivacyScanner (Antispy) PRO

CameraCheck can be utilized as a standalone application to examine whether your digicam is at present blocked or not blocked.

Furthermore, Camera Check can be utilized as a 'plugin' for PrivacyScanner (Antispy) PRO. Meaning, you install PrivacyScanner PRO and you additionally install CameraCheck and should you then enable checking the digicam in settings of PrivacyScanner PRO, it'll check the digicam with each scan automatically.

If you wish to defend (block) the digital camera you might wish to install our Camera blocker (SpyCamBlocker).

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