Erdao self-built

Erdao self-built

By Alliance Bible Seminary

Erdao self-builtErdao self-builtErdao self-built

Words from the Editor-in-Chief

Starting from January 1, 2015, the cellular application (APP) based mostly on exegesis and spirituality will have a model new look. In addition to providing a every day devotional article and audio for believers to use as religious meals to get close to God every day, new features have been added including:

- Article matter search-- You can search spiritually by subject Revise articles to help with particular person and group Bible research wants.

- Review Past Articles -- Instantly review all previous devotional articles.

- Daily Devotional Notification -- Set your personal time to remind you to do common devotion every single day.

In the new year's Self-Building, a group of committed biblical scholars will take part in writing devotional articles on Self-Building, by way of the unique textual content of the Bible, historic background, geography or archaeology, and so forth. Interpret some scriptures that are often misunderstood or difficult to understand from totally different angles; at the similar time, they'll even have a deeper impression and understanding of the entire scriptures, in order that believers can understand the original meaning of scriptures when they devote themselves, and through excited about problems, self-examination relationship with God. The most rare thing is to be able to have a deeper impression and understanding of the entire scriptures concurrently spiritual apply.

At current, greater than 7 individuals have downloaded and used Erdao Self-Building. In addition to encouraging you to make use of Erdao Self-Building as a daily religious materials, I also hope that you're welcome to ship this APP share” to other brothers and sisters, in order that more people can be established in God’s word; please also pray for us, asking God to supply us with every little thing we have to promote this free ministry.

The pastor taught us that the busier our lives are, the extra we need to sit down and examine the Bible and spirituality, and use the Word of God to nourish our lives and information us. ; The busier your life, the much less time you have to sit down and examine the Bible and devotion. Over 70,000 people have downloaded Erdao Self-Building. I hope this APP can encourage and remind you to follow spirituality and get close to God every day.

In addition to encouraging you to use Self-Building as your every day spiritual material, you're welcome to share this APP to other brothers and sisters, in order that more folks may be established in God's word; Please also pray for us that God will provide us with everything we want to advance this free ministry.

Pastor Guo Yihong

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