Nautical Calculator Pro

Nautical Calculator Pro

By Giacomo Gabriele

Nautical Calculator ProNautical Calculator ProNautical Calculator ProNautical Calculator ProNautical Calculator Pro

Nautical Calculator Pro is essentially the most complete utility that solves the navigation calculations

The main options are :

- Calculate Route (solves 2nd navigation problem)

- Calculate point on Rhumb Line (solves 1st navigation problem)

- Calculate level on Great Circle (solves 1st navigation problem)

- Calculate level on WGS84 (solves 1st navigation problem)

- Calculate Average speed

- E.T.A. calculation

- Route plan, for handbook waypoints planning

- Waypoint route

- Route mix with parallel limit

- Rhumb Line Parallel/Meridian intersection

- Follow on identical Rhumb Line route

- Opposite course rendez vous

- Route correction

- Calculate Amplitude at sundown and dawn and magnetic compass deviation

- Compass detections

- Solves Drift problem

- Solves Tides problem

- Solves Tidal current problem

- Wind calculation with Beaufort classification

- ABC Tables (azimuth, preliminary course, right ascension with unknow star)

- Nautical almanac

- Celestial Navigation with place line

- Meridian transit

- Celestial observation

- Coastal navigation

- Wheel Over

- Draft survey

- Converter

In routes characteristic there's a world map: it isn't a nautical chart and is not to be used as a saling chart, but as a easy common technique of showing the programs via the water on earth, this map is not for navigational purposes.

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