Grundfos GO Balance

Grundfos GO Balance

By Grundfos Holding A/S

Grundfos GO BalanceGrundfos GO BalanceGrundfos GO Balance

Grundfos GO Balance presents hydronic balancing of two-string radiator systems, underfloor heating systems as properly as a combination of those two systems along with the Grundfos ALPHA3, ALPHA2 and UPM3 LIN pumps. GO Balance and ALPHA3 mannequin B communicates immediately via Bluetooth, whereas the Bluetooth interface MI401 (ALPHA Reader) is used along with ALPHA2 model E, ALPHA3 model A and UPM3 LIN to carry out the hydronic balancing

Please note that MI401 can allways be used as a Bluetooth extender in case that is needed.

The GO Balance app is the first-ever cellular platform for conducting hydronic balancing of

two-string radiator systems and underfloor heating methods,

helping to save tons of valuable time - and supply documentation - for our users

How does the app work?

1. You follow the step-by-step setup guide

2. You add information for each room in the house

- Room specification

- Radiator and/or underfloor heating specification

- Perform circulate measurements

- After adding data for all rooms the bottom move measurement is conducted

Please notice the likelihood to save heaps of your entered data by pressing the save image in the top bar when it's visible

3. The app calculates really helpful target flow for every preset valve. Then you balance the obtained move on every radiator or underfloor heating loop

by adjusting each preset valve

4. The app helps you generate an official report with all wanted information from the performed balancing to handover to e.g. the owner of the house

5. You are done!

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