Notepad 3Colors and Dark theme

Notepad 3Colors and Dark theme

By Cocoamix

Notepad 3Colors and Dark themeNotepad 3Colors and Dark themeNotepad 3Colors and Dark themeNotepad 3Colors and Dark themeNotepad 3Colors and Dark theme

Please use it as the primary notepad app.

Three theme colours and darkish themes can be found.

It's a very common, easy-to-use, easy notepad app.

List of Features

- Change font size massive, medium and small and custom size

- Sorting

- Search

- Color mark characteristic for necessary notes

- Trash characteristic ( even if deleted once, it could be restored )

- Backup and restore featuers that are handy when altering models

All options are free.

Ads shall be displayed.

Thank you.

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