XP Remote - Voice Commands

XP Remote - Voice Commands

By Planet Coops

XP Remote - Voice CommandsXP Remote - Voice CommandsXP Remote - Voice CommandsXP Remote - Voice CommandsXP Remote - Voice Commands

Remotely management X-Plane™ out of your Android™ telephone or tablet.


•  Control autopilot/autothrottle modes

•  Tune radio frequencies

•  Use your voice to control aircraft techniques (with over 200 built-in voice commands)

•  Supplied with voice command profiles for generic X-Plane, Zibo 737, EADT x737, Flight Factor 757/767, ToLiss Airbus (A319, A321 and A340), Flight Factor A320 Ultimate, Hot Start TBM 900 and SSG Boeing 747-8 Inter v2 aircraft

•  Customize or add voice command profiles for your favorite aircraft

•  Bluetooth headset support

•  Initiate voice instructions utilizing a joystick button or keyboard shortcut assigned from inside X-Plane (Pro model only - the Pro Upgrade in-app purchase may also remove ads).

•  Broadcast aircraft location to other GPS apps on the device, e.g. Google Maps


•  X-Plane 10 or 11 (64-bit only)

•  Our model of the ExtPlane plugin, obtainable here Link: http://www.planetcoops.com/apps/xp-remote/extplane

•  The Flight Factor A320 Ultimate profile requires our model of the FFA320Connector plugin, obtainable here Link: http://www.planetcoops.com/apps/xp-remote/ffa320connector

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