By Ryan Whyte


With two values all remaining details of an arc could be calculated. Currently supports 21 combos of: Angle, Radius, Arc Length, Chord Length, Tangent Length, Middle Ordinate, Segment Area and Sector Area. The solely combos that cannot be calculated have an infinite amount of solutions.

Just fill in any two boxes after which click calculate or carried out.

Instructions could be found on the primary screen by clicking the ?.

Formulae and details about arcs may be found by clicking the i.

Be conscious that some solutions can have two potential answers, for instance using the Radius and Chord length theoretically may give an answer of between 0° and 180° and mirror outcome between 180° and 360°. In a scenario like this it'll solely display the arc between 0° and 180°. The chord can be entered as a adverse to get the arc larger than 180°.

Please let me know when you have any show or different issues. I will try to repair it as soon as attainable.

Make certain to examine the results earlier than using, the developer won't be held responsible for any mistakes made by utilizing this software.