The Hour - prayer times

The Hour - prayer times


The Hour - prayer timesThe Hour - prayer timesThe Hour - prayer timesThe Hour - prayer timesThe Hour - prayer times

* You will look at time from one other perspective. We took you back to the ancient time 100 years ago to be taught the timings of time in the day according to the Islamic division *

God created the earth revolving around the solar counterclockwise and electrons revolving around the core counterclockwise, and people go across the Kaaba counterclockwise Night and day, the beginning of the day is from the moment of sundown (the time zero) and then dinner, daybreak, dawn, midday and afternoon till we attain the hour 23:59, that's, a minute before sunset, and thus we now have completed a full cycle that begins with sunset

In the past, the Arabs used to divide the hours of the night time and the day into 24 syllables, 12 syllables for the day and 12 syllables for the evening, as they did not have a watch of their hand to indicate the time of the limit. Daylight Hours

Daytime Hours:

1- Sunrise

2- Al-Bakour

3- Morning

4- Duha

5- Al-Hijrah

6- Dhuhr

7- Al-Rawah

8- Asr

9- The Palace

10- Al-Aseel

11- Al-Ashi

12- The sunset

The hours of the evening are:

1- The Twilight

2- The Dusk

3- The Darkness

4- The Shelter

5- The Charcoal

6- The Slip

7- The Zulfa

8- The Bohra

9- The Magic

10- The Dawn

11- morning

12- morning

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