Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2

By Valsar

Dungeon Warfare 2Dungeon Warfare 2Dungeon Warfare 2Dungeon Warfare 2Dungeon Warfare 2

Dungeon Warfare 2 is the definitive sequel to Dungeon Warfare, a difficult tower protection strategy game where you turn into a dungeon lord to defend your dungeons with the deadliest of traps and insidious contraptions against grasping adventurers and wannabe heroes.

Game Features

* Physics-enabled tower defense mayhem

* 33 distinctive traps with 8 distinctive traits for every trap

* More than 30 distinctive enemies, each with a special trait

* More than 60 handcrafted ranges an infinite variety of procedurally generated dungeons

* 5 boss battles

* Progression with expertise offering passive upgrades for the traps as nicely as ability points

* Three skill bushes with 11 expertise on each tree

* Equipment system with greater than 30 distinctive items

* Mix your own difficulty by combining problem mode runes for extra challenge reward

* Endless mode

* Environmental Hazards

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