What the Hen: 1on1 summoner game

What the Hen: 1on1 summoner game

By Charged Monkey

What the Hen: 1on1 summoner gameWhat the Hen: 1on1 summoner gameWhat the Hen: 1on1 summoner gameWhat the Hen: 1on1 summoner gameWhat the Hen: 1on1 summoner game

Enjoy wacky, cartoony heroes? How about insane clan competitions, barbaric boss fights, crazy collectible character cards, and addictive Arena duels? If so, you’re in luck, summoner hatchling!

The all-new “WHAT THE HEN! - Enter the Dragons!” is larger, higher, and HENtastic in every possible way! Immerse yourself within the crazy chase after the mad rooster wizard in the most cartoon-styled game adventure EVER. In your epic summoner seance, duel the wackiest bosses and gather probably the most hilarious heroes throughout HUNDREDS of ranges and THOUSANDS of 1on1 Arena battles! Enlist your personal army of Summoner Heroes, create or join the coolest clans, and battle in tailor-made, time-based special occasions in probably the most glorious replace in the HENstory of mankind!

Well chosen, summoner! Most HENSOME recreation features await you:

COLLECT: Over 70 of the wackiest Heroes and Heroines you ever saw, prepared for combat!

DEFEAT BOSSES: Enjoy the adventurous Campaign, and defeat the craziest bosses!

UPGRADE YOUR HEROES: Evolve your precious Heroes into probably the most wicked party… ever!

DO BATTLE: Battle 1on1 in opposition to hundreds of thousands of chicken-chasing Summoners in Arena duels!

CUSTOMIZE: Your very own Avatar presence, tunable with the funkiest gadgets!

CREATE AND JOIN CLANS: Fight side by aspect together with your ally Summoner friends in all-new Clans!

⭐️ TIME EVENTS: Don’t miss the EGGciting Spring season update with a special events and new heroes!

Craziest Game Story Ever:

The legendary wizard received turned into a chicken! An accident? Treachery? Who cares – Just catch it! Its immense magical powers make the world of WHAT THE HEN! go loopy. Whoever possesses the rooster shall achieve its superpowers, too, and become the chosen summoner to rule the Arena. Wicked! But your seance leads through countless 1-on-1 battles, so you better come prepared!

⭐️ Collectible Heroes:

Whether it’s a dwarf, elf, goblin or a robot, this game’s got it! Unlock and collect over 70 CHARACTERS, like the illustrious “Ice Queen”, the fabled sharpshooter “Polly”, wicked humongous orc “Ogg”, or DPS “Red Rosie”. Choose Heroes from 5 character categories and unlock LEGENDARY rarity heroes and heroines from time-based particular Events to smite your enemies like ants!

Customer Support:

If you battle any issues or need to order a pizza at an area store, please contact us by way of [email protected] We are pleased to help! Please assault us on Facebook, too! Please observe that a community connection is required to play. WHAT THE HEN! recreation is totally free to obtain and play, nonetheless, some in-game objects and cards may be bought with actual money.

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