Knights of the Desert

Knights of the Desert

By FunPlus International AG

Knights of the DesertKnights of the DesertKnights of the DesertKnights of the DesertKnights of the Desert

The international first technique mobile recreation of Arabic civilization is now on-line with glory!

Adapted from the Antarah ibn Shaddad, a splendid world with huge land, glory kindoms and legendary heroes await your exploration!

You can be part of the fierce and epic battle in the grand battlefield to show your power!

But be ware of the changing weather, and took the benefit of it!

You can also enjoy the lavish exploration tasks, breeding of your giant eagle, thrill of the ride and shoot, and companion of your love! And develop, construct, discover, struggle in this acient Arabic world!

Don't neglect to get ready for the grand kingdoms battle in later gaming! How will you shape the history of Arbian Peninsula?

The spirit of Antara will guide you, brave warrior. Lead your Tribe to unify the Peninsula and conquer the world!

Game Feature

Fair battle with Tribe

You can be a part of the Tribe and rally with your Allies to destroy your enemies and claim your land. Arrange your Cavalry, Infantry, Range and Siege Engine to make one of the best troops formation and take your victory!

Grand Stronghold Update

Grand Stronghold with prime graphic will state your power on the desert. Stronghold Upgrading, analysis developing and army constructing. Rapidly develop your power and defeat your enemy, take all of the assets you might get to build your unyield Empire!

Tame and breed your Giant Eagle to discover the lavish land

The sport will present the glory tradition of eagle taming and breeding, with it you can explore extra land within the world! And you'll fihd the six areas with different landscape and tribe behind the mist. You can than picture your technique and be a part of the battle of kingdoms to increase your territory and declare your claimation of the land!

More lands, gameplays, scenes and even civilizations shall be unlocked in the future. Follow the guidence of Antara, and conquer the world!

Ride and shoot to indicate the spirit of Chivalrous

The unique ride and shoot gameplay will present the expertise of nomadic tradition. You can hunt for animals and compete with other players, and plunder the defeated enemies. Only energy will allow you to to survive within the ruthless world!

Heroes from real history and strategic confliction

You can recruit Nasir, Alvo, Malik, Shabub and Antara's family and friends to fight along with you! Their unique skills will certainly help you in the fierce battle! And take the final victory!

The altering climate on the battlefield

The raging sandstorm will hinder your march, whereas the night will present you plenty of possibilities to assasin your enemies! You will see almost all the weather in actuality presented in Knight on Desert. Take advantage of the climate to arrange the right technique, you'll find a way to take victory even combating towards enemies with extra power!

Chant and write your Al mu to shape your epic history!

Each battle in Knight on Desert might be open with a poem. After the battle, you'll find a way to appreciate the Antara's Al Mu in Cafe, and listen to the story teller's chant. You also can play some relaxing sport from the past in the Cafe. The wealth of the Arabic civiliation shall be witness by the world.

Love and companion on the Desert

As probably the most romantic knight on desert, you'll witness the legend of Antara, meet the love of your life and let your love story be chant!

You will be into a passionate Arabic world right here. You will follow the legend of Antara, construct your kingdom on desert, mate with noble knights, chant the legendary poems and fight with your allies to overcome the enemies and produce the Arabic civilization back to life!

This, is the Knight on Desert, conquer and shape the world!

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