20th century – alternative history

20th century – alternative history

By Oxiwyle

20th century – alternative history20th century – alternative history20th century – alternative history20th century – alternative history20th century – alternative history

You wish to become an emperor, a king or a president? This game is just what you're in search of. You can enter the role of a ruler of the twentieth century country. You have everything to write down a brand new historical past. The recreation has no world wars, nuclear attacks on Japanese cities… Our goal is to not create a plot primarily based on history. Our aim is to provide you a chance to put in writing your very own history! In this new historical past, are you a peacekeeper or an aggressor? It is up to you to decide!

Gameplay key features:

• Over 60 countries you presumably can rule;

• Build an army and a fleet;

• Wage wars against other countries, struggle separatism and looting

• Gain sources: oil, iron, stone, lead, rubber etc;

• Non-aggression pacts, commerce agreements and embassies;

• Law and faith management;

• Researches;

• Trade;

• Colonization;

• the League of Nations.

Epic navy technique of incredible scale. Are you ready to defend your homeland?

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