Basketball Statistics

Basketball Statistics

By Alberto Ortiz GV

Basketball StatisticsBasketball StatisticsBasketball StatisticsBasketball StatisticsBasketball Statistics

Application to maintain observe of your groups and statistics for basketball video games.

You can keep observe of their time interval with simply configurable timer.

You can set the parameters of the video games game field (High School or School), playing time per period, number of periods per match, choices stop the clock routinely, Team Bonus, Foul acquired, Timeouts , assists after shot. rebounds after shot failed

It may embrace all group players and want the numbering you need.

Around the time of capture of statistics you'll have the ability to see the time left the sport, rating, fouls by each group fouls per player.

Reports shall be generated factors and shot by madeplayer and missed, defensive-offensive rebounds, turnovers-steal, assists, caps received-committed violations of time steps, and double faults, faulted-annotated and lay-up.

Statistics could be generated in HTML, PDF, CSV format and may generate and view the report so as to match the corresponding intervals, capability to generate accumulated statistics for a group, so Player, Periods, against all teams or extra computers, A Season particularly and so forth.

Chart Shoot, Play to Play, Timming

Mail them (If you're connected).

Mailing to other system of a particular party and the potential of importing the appliance.

There is the possibility of recovering and backing up the database.

Help Manual for use within the application.

You can discover the outcomes of the match to his followers on Twitter, with single press of a button.

If you want any particular language or translated incorrect, please contact us.

This utility uses the Vertical format aside from the show of statistics that you could put the system in Horizontal format.

If you discover translation errors, shall be glad to correct them if you would like to communicate them, Thanks

If you detect an error within the system not hesitate to contact me on mail [email protected] sending the explanation and if attainable a captured image of it and attempt to update the application as quickly as attainable.

Also if you have been to your liking please price the appliance positively.

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