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This is a new sort of baseball app developed by teaming up with the usual sports staff administration app Team Hub and the information media Baseball Gate that understands every thing about baseball.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆ The DL is expanding to all baseball teams nationwide! ◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆


◆ Japan's first app with two kinds of score input capabilities

① New sensation! Score input function Play-by-Play

Anyone can intuitively and easily connect a scorebook as the game progresses.

Enjoy the original input method that allows you to record each play in a fun way!

② Score input perform Box Score that can be simply recorded even afterwards

I wish to add a simple report of batting average and rating later. Input perform ready based on such a request. It's an app so you probably can remember it anytime, anywhere!

◆ Full staff administration function!

In-team threading perform that permits you to contact and trade messages inside the staff.

We have reflected the voices of baseball team members who said that it will be handy to create and share games and occasions, handle attendance, and even have questionnaires and schedule adjustment functions!

Of course, you can also seize and save details about the opposite team!

◆ A grade administration perform that can be utilized by each groups and individuals!

Since you'll have the ability to document each staff or particular person play, you'll have the ability to handle the outcomes, rankings, staff stats, and so forth. in detail.

For those that have trouble changing and aggregating the scorebook that they've hooked up,

You can easily record and analyze it with this app.

Of course, you can record and save retired gamers.

■ Main features

・ Score input perform (Box Score input, Play-by-Play input)

Detailed enter for every ball, match outcome You can use it properly in accordance with the purpose, corresponding to inputting only

・ Ranking within the staff

You can examine the ranking of various data similar to batting price, house base hitting, and hitting factors within the group

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・ Enter and consider team results

You can see the team and personal information for each season and match at a glance

・ Helper registration function

Not only group members but in addition helpers may be registered

・ In-team contact

It can be used in all media corresponding to apps, PCs, and garages, and is seamless inside the team. Useful for contacting

・ Questionnaire perform

Various votes and questionnaires are possible within the group, corresponding to figuring out the follow location, dividing roles, and figuring out the drinking celebration location.

・ Automatic staff page creation operate

WEB staff page is routinely created just through the use of this service

・ Schedule adjustment perform

Candidate dates may be confirmed from multiple dates

・ Remind perform

Since there is a mailis function, the above can be utilized by users with out DLing the app. is.

If you subscribe to the Plus Plan, you ought to use the extra functions of PLAY BY BASEBALL GATE!

* Now you can strive the Plus Plan at no cost for 30 days


◆ Plus What is a plan (option)?


All match scores could be checked and stats may be seen

The rating inside the staff is 6 You can even browse after the rank

2. You can browse the stats of every member's past season

and numerous other benefits!


◆ Plus plan mechanism

----------- -

* Now you probably can try the plus plan at no cost for 30 days

Price and interval of the plus plan

2,000 yen (tax included) Subscription is optional)

1 month (starting from the appliance date)

Monthly computerized renewal

・ ・ ・ ・ ・ ・

This app and service are supplied and operated by Link Sports, which operates the sports activities team management app TeamHub.

In the future, we will develop and add various capabilities and services in cooperation with the baseball information media Baseball Gate.

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■ Inquiries

If you've any questions or requests concerning the app, please contact the app buyer assist [email protected]

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