Paraglider Dashboard

Paraglider Dashboard


Paraglider DashboardParaglider DashboardParaglider DashboardParaglider Dashboard

Paraglider Dashboard

Powerful, simple to make use of app particularly for (powered) paragliders which can even be operated whereas wearing gloves (see below for details).

Paraglider Dashboard calculates wind pace and wind direction while within the air.

Display of wind triangle, tachometer, map with airspaces, variometer and extra.

All necessary flight information is constantly shown within the info packing containers.

Includes flight recording and logbook.

Slide through the following Views:

* Windtriangle

* Tachometer

* Map with airspaces and track

* Speed vectors (basis of wind calculation)

* Overview with all views

Always visible:

* Infoboxes with all essential flight data

* GPS or strain sensor based Variometer (optional)

Other features:

* Show past flights in a logbook

* Calculate wind triangle for various wind situations

* Set destination in map by simple long touch or select from a waypoint list

* Display of arrival time at destination taking present wind into consideration.

* Load airspaces in OpenAir format

* Save observe as (unsigned) IGC-file

* Build-in assist pages

* Simulation mode to replay IGC-files

* Metric and imperial units

* Altitude display in meter, toes or both alternating

Glove control:

With glove control switched on, you can control the app with out using the touch display (e.g. while wearing gloves).

A menu which is managed by the proximity sensor allows this trick.

Just hovering the hand over the device lets the menu pop up and scroll through the available functions.

When releasing the hand once more, the currently highlighted perform is executed.

Why are the permissions wanted:

* GPS Location: Now, that is obviously wanted.

* Prevent from sleeping: Device shouldn't change off in midair.

* Internet access: Needed exclusively for Google Maps.

* USB storage: For saving IGC-files when closing app.

About the writer:

I am flying a powered paraglider and developed this app tailored to my own wants. Feel free to contact me, if you have ideas for improvements or enhancements.

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