BT Scoreboard - Basketball

BT Scoreboard - Basketball

By The Basketball Temple Company

BT Scoreboard - BasketballBT Scoreboard - BasketballBT Scoreboard - BasketballBT Scoreboard - BasketballBT Scoreboard - Basketball

One of the cleanest basketball scoreboard apps in the marketplace with many handy options. The BT Scoreboard app, developed by a basketball company that runs its personal basketball leagues, is the next best option to investing in an expensive professional grade scoreboard. Scoreboard tools which can cost you hundreds is now out there and reasonably priced to everybody within the basketball group.

Download the free BT Controller app to remotely control this scoreboard. Open the join menu on the BT Controller app, the scoreboard is routinely detected, hit the WiFi or Bluetooth button next to the scoreboard identify on the BT Controller app to attach.

BT Scoreboard Features:

- Clean design, no ads

- Intuitive direct faucet and swipe controls

- Remotely management scoreboard with WiFi or Bluetooth using free BT Controller App

- Convenient Presets (FIBA, NBA, NCAA, NFHS, and more...)

- Convenient timers: pregame timer, period timer, relaxation timer, timeout timer, overtime, etc.

- Fully customizable recreation in the settings

- Practice modes configured in settings is great for working practices

- Audio buzzers for shotclock violation, finish of period, substitutions, and so forth.

- Warning beep near finish of pregame, timeout, or relaxation instances (customizable)

- BT Scoreboard App also can act as a controller much like BT Controller App

- Quick Start Documentation below

For the best experience, use the application on a large pill, or hook your phone/tablet up to a large display or video projector. You'll really feel like you've just purchased knowledgeable scoreboard!

Synchronize the scoreboard with our BT Shotclock app to run a full-blown basketball sport with scoreboard and shotclocks.

The BT Scoreboard app was created by The Basketball Temple Company. The Basketball Temple Company focuses on prime quality basketball academies, basketball leagues, and technologies which are used to support these academies and leagues. We open our technology to the general public so everybody in the basketball neighborhood can experience the same technologies that we use within our establishments.

YouTube Tutorial Video

# Quick Start Documentation:

Score Controls:

- Tap score to extend quickly

- Swipe up/down rating to increase/decrease

- Hold down on team names to regulate name and color of teams

Time Controls:

- Tap period timer to start/pause

- Tap pregame, timeout, relaxation timers to early transition to next stage

Shotclock Controls:

- Tap shotclock to reset/go

- Swipe shotclock up/down to reset/go to brief shotclock

Timeout Controls:

- Tap timeout quantity to call timeout

- Swipe up/down timeouts to regulate numbers

- Red indicates violation when calling timeout with no timeouts left

Fouls Controls

- Swipe up/down fouls to adjust numbers

- Red signifies bonus state of affairs (customizable in settings)

- Purple signifies double bonus situation (customizable)

Use the Scoreboard as a Remote Controller

IMPORTANT: only wanted when utilizing the scoreboard as a controller for shotclocks and different devices, in case you are utilizing the BT Controller app to remote control the scoreboard then the steps below should be accomplished on the BT Controller instead:

- Tap on top-left icon to open join menu

- Hit Refresh to seek out devices

- Tap on WiFi or Bluetooth icon to attach, inexperienced icon indicates connected

- If unable to attach or having connection errors try one of the following:

1) please ensure all units are on the identical WiFi network

2) please guarantee bluetooth is turned ON on all devices

3) lastly, attempt to restart the app on all devices

Time and Game Settings:

- Tap on top-right icon to open settings menu

- Edit and save the various settings available

Audio Buzzer:

- There are two faint colored bell icons next to the period number

- Tap to play buzzer or vitality horn

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