By iOrienteering


The new model of the app serving a brand new dashboard. You can now design courses visually, which you can present or cover from users of the app.

You can now create breakpoints to pause the clock during an event. These enable safety breaks, say for a road crossing however they can be utilized in different ways such as for a break for a food stop or package check.

Warnings could be turned on or off. The warnings give users feedback in the occasion that they go to a checkpoint out of order for instance. Great for novices and helping users, but not needed in correct competitions.

Results could be uploaded to the website extra reliably and can be seen extra easily on the cellphone or on the website.

Sub-accounts may be created and linked to the main account. We only want fundamental info for a subaccount so they are nice for faculties, families or groups the place one individual manages the users.

Courses could be copied- Create a large, non-public occasion with all of your checkpoints on, then copy this a quantity of occasions to create individual courses from this master course- delete the controls you'll not need and kind the rest into the proper order.

The app still works well offline - you do not need any cellular sign at the event centre for the app to work, however more features can be found in areas with good mobile protection.