good mobile phone

good mobile phone

By arrawdah

good mobile phonegood mobile phonegood mobile phonegood mobile phonegood mobile phonegood mobile phone

A good mobile utility that contains all audio and video materials, numerous helpful and entertainment purposes, text files and photos of exhibitions and events presented by the venture, which is affiliated with the Advocacy Office in Al-Rawdah in Riyadh.

1) The application is divided into several sections:

a. Multiple apps and a whitelist of one of the best apps and games for adults and youngsters.

b. Various short videos.

C. Short audios cataloged with completely different titles of thoughts, fatwas, chants, poems, phrases, recitations, and others.

Dr. Text messages able to be printed with different addresses with the power to share any content.

2) The application displays on its major screen quick movies you could share on social networks.

3) The latest occasions held by the group and the Advocacy Office in the Kindergarten From occasions, competitions and exhibitions.

4) Introducing the WhatsApp service supplied by Jawwal Al-Khair and tips on how to take part in it.

5) All social media accounts and group numbers.

6) Professionally programmed to be presented in an attractive creative means.

7) Flexibility for the user, excessive speed and programming accuracy.

8) The capacity to proceed playing the audio clip In the background of the gadget when navigating in different purposes or locking the screen,

9) Link the appliance to the nice cell site and update each new.

10) Alert notification service.

And different options..

Al-Khair mobile app.. Together on the trail of goodness..

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