Wild Park Manager

Wild Park Manager

By Kairosoft

Wild Park ManagerWild Park ManagerWild Park ManagerWild Park ManagerWild Park Manager

Turn an undeveloped space into an thrilling park!

Build plazas, playgrounds, animal petting zones, meals courts and more! Design your park as you like. There are all sorts of facilities so that you just can assemble. And after all, good administration is essential to ensuring the park prospers, bringing in lots of visitors.

But a park is not only for people. It's for animals too! Invite scaly, feathered and furry pals to your park and they will make it their house if they like it! Make your park hospitable to animals by adding trees, shrubs, and other natural elements to it. Some curious critters will come to take a look at your park attracted by sure facilities!

When you start working out of house, grab a pickaxe and make more land usable, additionally finding various supplies in the process. These materials can be utilized to upgrade your services, and even make special items!

There are lots of enjoyable challenges for you to strive, too. Nurse saplings until they grow into nice timber, have visitors compete to catch plenty of fish, and see if you can hatch varied birds and reptiles.

Create a phenomenal, world-famous park, liked by people and animals alike!


* All sport progress is saved on your device. Save data can't be transferred between units, nor can it's restored after deleting or reinstalling the app.

* Should the screen go dark and freeze, try to power your gadget down and relaunch the game.

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