AdVenture Ages: Idle Clicker

AdVenture Ages: Idle Clicker

By Hyper Hippo

AdVenture Ages: Idle ClickerAdVenture Ages: Idle ClickerAdVenture Ages: Idle ClickerAdVenture Ages: Idle ClickerAdVenture Ages: Idle Clicker

Agents, it's your quest, do you have to select to accept, to travel back and restore the timeline before all of civilization is misplaced in time forever! Tap your means via Missions for free to climb the Ranks, gather Heroes, and save humankind as we all know it! Use technique and time journey to rebuild nations in historical past earlier than the utopian future ceases to exist! Oh, and make sure not to step on any butterflies!

Agents shall be asked to complete Missions, and be rewarded with Capsules upon completion. With the assistance of T.T.O.M and the AdVenture Agency -- climb the Ranks and restore historical past by amassing Resources in the most highly effective civilizations all through historical past. Ages that Agents can discover embrace Bronze, Medieval, Renaissance, Industrial, and Atomic.


Within Capsules, Agents will find Heroes, XP, and Gems. Agents can gather Capsules by completing Missions and visiting the Store to obtain free daily items. Capsules give the Resources wanted to climb the Ranks and turn out to be the greatest Agent of all time!


An Agent’s most treasured forex, Gems are used to buy XP, Capsules, and Time Warps to assist in an Agent’s improvement up the Ranks! Also nice for competitive Agents who are keen to achieve the top of the leaderboards within the AdVenture Agency’s Limited Time Events.


From Joan of Arc to Abraham Lincoln, gather historical Heroes to spice up production of a useful resource. Each Hero comes with powers that make it distinctive. Boost these modifiers by recruiting and levelling up Heroes:

◆Speed: Automates and hastens a particular Resource or Industry

◆Chance: The odds that an industry will produce bonus output.

◆Production: Increases the production output of a specific Resource or Industry.

◆Cost: Decreases the acquisition value of a particular Industry.

◆Upgrade: Gain extra population when upgrading your time machine


Acquiring the Historic Pass allows Agents to collect larger and better Tier Rewards when completing Special Operations. For each Historic Pass season, Agents have 30 days to finish missions and collect the exclusive Tier Rewards - work shortly before the season involves a close! HQ is generous to its Agents; all gamers can full missions to assert prizes from the free observe within the Tier Rewards


Catch up to or pull ahead of competition, Agent, by visiting the store: Purchase more Gems, Time Warps, or particular Heroes to assist increase your Ages. Your one stop shop for every little thing a well-traveled Agent might ever want.


Agents have the opportunity to play Limited Time Events that are on a regular rotation to earn rewards helping you climb the Ranks. Climb the leaderboard and acquire event-specific Heroes for much more Rewards in:

◆Japan in Jeopardy

◆Egypt Extravaganza

◆Aztec AdVenture

◆Scandinavia Scramble

◆Musical Mischief

◆Mythical Monster Hunt

◆Very Merry Christmas

◆Agency Anniversary


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◆◆◆ Climb the Ranks to become the greatest Agent of all time!◆◆◆

Did you spill coffee on the time machine again? Have no concern, T.T.O.M’s here to help! Contact [email protected]

AdVenture Ages is free to download and play, however it additionally permits you to purchase virtual gadgets with real cash inside the game. You can disable in-app purchases in your device’s settings.

AdVenture Ages requires an internet connection and contains promoting for third parties, a few of which can be targeted to your pursuits. You could select to control targeted promoting by utilizing your mobile gadget settings (e.g., by re-setting your device’s promoting identifier and/or opting out of curiosity primarily based ads).

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