NecroMerger - Idle Merge Game

NecroMerger - Idle Merge Game

By Grumpy Rhino Games

NecroMerger - Idle Merge GameNecroMerger - Idle Merge GameNecroMerger - Idle Merge GameNecroMerger - Idle Merge GameNecroMerger - Idle Merge Game

The Devourer is at all times hungry and it’s your job to feed it in this idle merge recreation mashup. Play because the NecroMerger and use dark magic to summon a military of creatures (skeletons, zombies, demons, banshees… the record goes on). Merge them from piddly little grunts into large (and tasty) brutes, earlier than feeding them to your ever hungry pet.

As you develop your Devourer you’ll appeal to the eye of retailers, champions and even rivals. Some could be helpful, others have to be fought… or fed to your insatiable pet. The bigger the Devourer grows the more your lair will expand and you’ll unlock highly effective skills and spells.

Complete feats to unlock new stations and equipment… graves, altars, fridges and even a bathtub to hold excess slime. New stations will allow you to summon new, stronger (and even more tasty) creatures. Manage your lair and minions to maximise your useful resource generation.

NecroMerger is a whole new sort of recreation that mixes merge and idle mechanics with resource administration to create something truly distinctive.

Grow Monsters

70 creatures to spawn and merge.

Creatures have distinctive skills to manage (resource era, injury, deliciousness)

Legendary Creatures with massive benefits.

Expand your Lair

Expand your lair. Unlock new gear together with; graves, supply cupboards and portals.

Attract Champions, retailers and thieves to your lair.

Complete feats, grasp spells, brew potions.

Idle Merge Mashup

A distinctive system of resource administration.

Resources generate even when you’re offline.

Months of fun!

From the makers of Idle Apocalypse and Idle Mastermind, NecroMerger has the humour and inane chatter you’d expect of a Grumpy Rhino Game.

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