Dino Factory

Dino Factory

By Oh BiBi

Dino FactoryDino FactoryDino FactoryDino FactoryDino Factory

The Formula for Growing Dinos was lately found and released worldwide. A entire new market is born: creating and selling DINOSAURS!

As the CEO of your own Dino enterprise, it is your job to make it grow! Hatch eggs, uncover new creatures, manage your scientists and hold the MONEY rolling in!

Expand your reputation, enhance your manufacturing unit and develop CRAZY dino-themed businesses to maintain your prospects joyful: pet outlets, driving colleges, parks, arenas, and many more!

And bear in mind: no one will get to the highest with out help! Recruit associates to work for you, trade presents, or challenge them in insane DINO RACES!

Are you ready to turn out to be a real DINO TYCOON? It’s time to spread the word: a new Factory is in town!



▪ Breed create over 84 dinos!

▪ Manage evolve your scientists

▪ Improve your small business and stores to draw new customers


▪ Create wacky dinosaurs to satisfy your customers

▪ Conquer dino fans around the world

▪ Complete wacky quests surprising events


▪ Ever seen a dino race? It's time to give it a try!

▪ Recruit your mates to work for you

▪ Send them items and obtain gifts


▪ Enjoy a quantity of bonus mini-games

▪ Meet colorful characters: The Prof, Fat CheeZ, Ford Digdug, and plenty of more!

▪ The life-like crowd, wacky situations, intuitive controls and hitch-less sport mechanics will get you hooked forever!



▪ Raptors don't like being referred to as turkeys

▪ What if... you tried to combine two dinosaurs and create a hybrid one?

▪ Serving dinosaur meat in a restaurant is against the law, so be on the lookout!

▪ We suspect that mysterious and legendary creatures are still waiting to be discovered

▪ If you see a dinosaur on the street with out its proprietor, RUN!


The tips tips to turn into one of the best Dino maker on:

Facebook: https://www.fb.com/ohbibicommunity

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