Inventory and Shopping list

Inventory and Shopping list

By seb Solingen, Rainard Buchmann

Inventory and Shopping listInventory and Shopping listInventory and Shopping listInventory and Shopping listInventory and Shopping list

unparalleled combination

Voice input - Shopping record - Inventory - BDD monitoring

offline editing - group synchronization - community access

completely freed from charge with out practical restrictions,

but some features are restricted to a variety of gadgets within the free version

detailed description at

any number of products, inventory items, storage places and buying lists

optional own product photographs (pro version)

free configurability also 2-stage :

* Categories

* buying lists

* Storage locations

* Places of purchase

Input Facilitation :

* Selection of abbreviations (articles etc.)

* Selection from menus (categories and so on.)

* Speech enter of all texts and numbers

* Voice input additionally when searching

facilitating automatisms :

* Minimum stock monitoring (Pro version)

* computerized buying listing filling (Pro version)

* Transfer shopping listing - storage location

* Transfer storage location - other storage location

* Transfer buying record - different shopping list

* Takeover product - Shopping list

Storage of information :

* offline processing

* automatic synchronization

* any number of mobile phones synchronous

* automated knowledge backup

Special options :

* no login required

* full performance even without web connection

* Community extensibility of known products

* Shelf life expiration date Monitoring

* Search choices according to selectable standards.

* 2-step help function everywhere.

* Simultaneous change risk for a quantity of individuals in 1 buying list

* Transfer from purchasing record to warehouse

* Transfer from shopping record to consumption statistics

* Recovery of by chance deleted buying lists

* automatic and handbook sorting

* Several separate warehouse administration techniques possible

Advantages of the Pro Version per inApp purchase :

* turns advertising off

* Participation in a quantity of unbiased groups

* Participation in teams with more than 2 members

* any variety of barcodes

* any variety of (synchronized) own product images

* Minimum inventory monitoring for any variety of products

* CSV-Import / Export unreduced

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