HodHod - postal companies

HodHod - postal companies


HodHod - postal companiesHodHod - postal companiesHodHod - postal companiesHodHod - postal companiesHodHod - postal companiesHodHod - postal companies

“ HODHOD platform “

if you are the proprietor of a delivery firm, or you might be the owner of a Facebook page or supplier and want to send your items safely. You need to choose supply corporations that fit your requirements.

Whatever your merchandise, you ought to use the safest, most reliable and safe “HODHOD platform “

If you personal a commercial retailer in any governorate, we are going to provide you with what you need through the “ HODHOD platform “ , which is amongst the largest platforms for managing shipments and packages in Iraq and it's thought-about the primary search engine for ORDERS

For industrial and private use it's available to everyone and it is the largest database of delivery firms because it connects the merchant and the delivery firm.

You can also track your bundle with one click

The most essential features of the “ HODHOD platform “

- The utility is on the market in three languages (English, Arabic)

- Safety and safety for the sender and recipient

- The largest gathering of delivery companies

- Choose the supply company automatically based on the characteristics of the mail using artificial intelligence

- Track the bundle on the map

- A financial portfolio for each user

- Shipping orders inside and outdoors Iraq

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