Stella Arcana

Stella Arcana

By LRGame Inc.

Stella ArcanaStella ArcanaStella ArcanaStella ArcanaStella Arcana

Thel City's Astro Chart has just lately starting flashing and shining a robust beam of sunshine, what could be the that means of this?

Adventurers should now gather the 5 Astral Crystals scattered all over the land to unlock this mystery, and open a portal to the Deathstar.


1. Level cap raised to Lv.90

2. Brand New Map - Chryseis

The Archbishop has summoned Adventurers to this new and harmful land. Complete the Chryseis Quests to unlock Cross-Server Camps and the Pneuma system.

- Camp vs Camp - Dawn Contract and Soul Echo

To battle for the uncommon Soul Crystals on Chryseis, Dawn Contract and Soul Echo are assembling the continent's greatest warriors. Join a camp and battle for glory!

- Starfire Gate

Team up with the bravest across the land of Thel to defend the Deathstar from the incoming horde of demons. Receive uncommon Pneuma artifacts as rewards.

- Pneuma system

Pneuma are artifacts used to embed the souls of the death. Collect powerful Pneuma in Chryseis to achieve powerful soul attributes!

3. Second Enchantment

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Enchanter Ailsa, your dream of owning a weapon with two units of magical enchantments has now come true! You now have more flexibility in opposition to powerful bosses!

4. Brand New Dungeon - Windrider Ruins

The fact of Tír Nanóg lies hidden within the Windrider Ruins. Defeat the Holy Wind Beast to learn of secrets unknown to the world.!

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