Adventurers War: Evolved

Adventurers War: Evolved

By DHGames Publisher

Adventurers War: EvolvedAdventurers War: EvolvedAdventurers War: EvolvedAdventurers War: EvolvedAdventurers War: Evolved

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Join hundreds of thousands of players worldwide in Adventurers War, the unique IDLE MMO card RPG!! Collect legendary heroes, form a battle-hardened group, fight with other gamers, and attain legendary achievements. You also can type a guild with different gamers to rule the Adventurers War universe!

Deep in ancient ruins, your heroes should explore dark dungeons, defeat terrible monsters, and battle for glory in the arena!

Once you’ve unlocked a dungeon, it’s ripe for the reaping with Adventurers War’s Auto Farming function. Set your heroes to work clearing out the dungeon and they will rush in and battle by way of gaining experience, gold, and objects alongside the method in which. You don’t even need to be in the recreation to win the rewards of your heroes’ auto farming!


1. Auto Farm in the background while you’re free to do different issues. Check again later to gather your new tools and see your heroes’ progress.

2. Explore darkish dungeons, gather highly effective heroes, problem different gamers within the enviornment to win riches abound. At the tip of every season you'll find a way to obtain a unique rare hero!

3. Over 200 totally different heroes of 6 differing kinds to add to your staff.

4. Randomly generated equipment and objects so that you never get the same things. Collect a valuable inventory!

5. Create your individual guild, and staff up with different guild members to problem the highly effective guild boss as nicely as other competitions to see who would be the masters of the floating island.

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