Puzzles of Wars

Puzzles of Wars

By Globalgamejourney Limited

Puzzles of WarsPuzzles of WarsPuzzles of WarsPuzzles of WarsPuzzles of Wars

Puzzles of Wars is a model new kind of match-3 RPG sport. In this distinctive RPG game, the traditional match-3 puzzle gameplay is mixed with battle, magic, and dragons as you fearlessly charge into the enemies.

Can you assume fast sufficient to merge all of the monsters and fight against the enemies?

Your quest is easy...strategize to combine the heroes and monsters in your battlefield and assemble them to fight in opposition to your enemies! You should merge your troops into one big force if you wish to win!

·Thrilling Match-3 Gameplay

Engrossing and strategic battles.

A journey full of challenges and accomplishment!

·Build Your Shire

Build your kingdom land, practice robust troopers and become an actual ruler!

·A Visual Marvel

Follow the journey to witness majestic scenes, meet legendary figures from different factions, and unlock mysterious legends!

·Legendary Heroes

Collect over 50 epic heroes, level them up and upgrade their abilities.

Use totally different strategies and put forth your finest heroes to fight the darkness.

·Ancient Dragons

Dragons, the key weapon in battles, are your strongest allies to conquer all your enemies!

Find legendary dragons and they will reveal the secrets buried on the earth of Antia.

·Exciting Journey

You will encounter diverse and unique enemies!

A humorous goblin bearing an enormous treasure bag, an epic ogryn with two heads, sinister assassins, and even the headless horseman himself!

Countless bonuses are ready for you!

·Online Battle

A variety of battle modes: Alliance Wars, 1v1 battle and Fallen Titans.

Experience actual battles together with your allies and struggle for glory!

·Global Communication

Join an alliance to play with tens of millions of gamers all around the world and collect nice rewards!

·Tons of Events

Rich and numerous events that give you free items.

You can participate in a quantity of events on the same time. Find your allies and be a part of these epic events!