Elf Tales

Elf Tales


Elf TalesElf TalesElf TalesElf TalesElf Tales

Elf Tales is a Fantasy Themed MMORPG Mobile Game,Thelong-maintainedpeaceisnowbrokenandtheworldhasbeeninvadedbydemonsfromanotherdimensionturningtheworldintoahellforitsinhabitants.Toprotecttheworld,weneedtojoinhandsandsavethisfantasylandbyembarkingonanextraordinaryjourney.Flamboyant Wings withaVarietyofWeaponsandGear,ShowtheWorldYourUniqueStyle: MenacingDungeons,HighLootingRateandRareTreasuresareAwaiting! TryExtremeSwitchingandHaveaTasteofDifferentClasses!

Game Features

Graphics and Sound Effects

All you probably can see in this sport is incredibly lovable characters matched with lighthearted music. This is an area where your worries could be left behind.

Unique Costumes

Various rare mounts, hoping to be your journey. Gorgeous wings, beautiful weapons, competition costumes and a lot more! All of this simply for you to showcase your distinctive fashion.

System of Partners

Look for a companion with who you could construct a rapport with and embark on this mysterious journey with them!

System of Babies

Activate a child to boost your CP. You can take any of the infants you'd like to join you in battles and adventures after activation.

World Ranking

Compete with warriors and elites from all round the world on numerous levels provided in-game and see who's the final word winner!

System of Guilds

A guild is usually a second home that brings you heat and pleasure. To defend what’s truly necessary, you must become fearfully strong! Call out your guildmates and struggle for all the glory!

Small reminiscence but more gameplay

Varied Battle Gameplay, Cross-server Wars, Conquests, Arena, Real-time PK... you presumably can turn out to be sturdy if you want! Conquer other dimensions, fight with other guilds and climb to the peak!

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