Toddler #39;s App: Farm Animals

Toddler #39;s App: Farm Animals

By wonderkind GmbH

Toddler #39;s App: Farm AnimalsToddler #39;s App: Farm AnimalsToddler #39;s App: Farm AnimalsToddler #39;s App: Farm AnimalsToddler #39;s App: Farm Animals

You in the farmyard: animals, tractors and many adventures. Explore life within the country in our hidden object sport with over ninety interactive stories, humorous sounds and loads of fun!

▸ Our wonderful Toddlers Seek Find apps have already been downloaded over 4 million occasions.

▸ Kids ages 2-6 ▸ get an entertaining and playful glimpse into the thrilling world of the farmyard and country dwelling. With actual interactive adventures!

▸ In four scenes ▸ with around ninety hidden animations and issues to find, youngsters and oldsters experience life on the farm, and discover at the similar time a whole host of loopy, detail-rich stories:

SCENE 1 - Highlights (On the Farm)


Help the farmer plant the beets.

Feed the donkey.

Give the piglet somewhat shower!

The proud rooster watches over everybody.

SCENE 2 - Highlights (In the Country)


Mow the sector with the mix harvester and sow the new crops

Let the boys in the treehouse slide down the flying fox.

Find out why the sheep is so funny.

Ride the pony: stroll, trot or canter!

SCENE 3 - Highlights (In the Barn)


Give the sheep the funniest haircuts!

Paint the eggs with your favorite shade.

Feed the animals.

Help the farm fix the tractor.

SCENE 4 - Highlights (The Farmyard at Night)


Now the moon is out.

The animals are all sleeping.

But what's happening behind the doors and home windows of the previous homestead? Find out!



▸ So many lovable stories on the theme of farmyards and nation life.

▸ Why is Granny rattling around on the scooter?

▸ Why is the goat grabbing all the apples?

▸ What does the cow wish to eat?

▸ Play with the youngsters by the lake!

▸ Why has the fisher caught a shoe?

▸ What's the robotic doing in the barn?

… and there is nonetheless a lot more to do:

Complete duties in each scence, discover out why the sheep and the pig are such shut pals and dive into our adorable farmyard world together!

Our promise


▸ Your youngster will uncover lots of little linked tales.

▸ Parents too will keep finding new hidden details.

▸ Your baby won’t be the one one having fun with this app.

Fully supported languages


▸ Arabic

▸ Chinese (traditional and simplified)

▸ Dutch

▸ English

▸ French

▸ German

▸ Italian

▸ Japanese

▸ Korean

▸ Norwegian

▸ Portuguese (Brazilian)

▸ Russian

▸ Spanish

▸ Swedish

▸ Turkish

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Support note


We have totally examined this app on all units. If you do nonetheless experience problems, please understand that we're unable to offer support on the basis of feedback in the reviews section. Please send us an e-mail as an alternative so that we can respond and supply assistance rapidly. Thank you very a lot.

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